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Boat Trash Browns

This awesome recipe was born of necessity. Simply put, I had no breakfast in the house but a fridge full of leftovers from the crab boil I had the night before...including potatoes I had boiled

with the crabs. On a whim I got out the grater, shredded the potatoes and cooked them on a griddle like any other hash brown. That's it. Recipe over. They are so good that the Boat Trash clan always cooks extra potatoes at crab or crawfish boils just for this.

If a crab boil is not in your future but Boat Trash Browns sounds like something you definitely have to try (and they totally are) all you need to do is boil red potatoes with Zataran's Crab Boil seasoning.

Try them now...thank me later.

Capt. Mike

Recipe details...

Potatoes from a crab or crawfish boil (shredded)


Seasoning (I like a little Tony's)

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